Radio Broadcasts for Afghan People

Afghans long for hope. Some are totally disillusioned after so many years of war and oppression. Many are returning to a more devoted Islamic faith, perhaps more out of fear than from the heart. However, the corruption in society and hypocrisy of religious leaders are pushing many Afghans to seek spiritual reality outside Islam. Some realise Christians do good things and want to learn more about the way of Christ, risking very real persecution from family, neighbours, employers, fellow employees, religious leaders, as well as from government officials.

A low-risk means for Afghans to find out more about Jesus and the Bible are the Pamir radio programmes produced by OM. The broadcasts are a vital source of spiritual nourishment to disciple Afghan believers in their walk of faith. Daily radio programmes provide spiritual life-giving sustenance to tens of thousands of Afghani listeners, and also address social issues. Discussions, storytelling, dramas, and interaction between presenters teach listeners about Christian faith. Live chat shows also invite people to call in on air.

Pamir are broadcasting two daily half hour programmes a year and expect to be contacted by around 500 Afghans. Their hope is to engage them with Pamir’s follow-up pastor, interact with Scriptures and other resources, and share their experience as fellow believers, in small groups.

Pamir’s hope is that their programmes will be a vehicle for Afghan’s journey to faith – both inside and outside Afghanistan.



$150 (£120) will pay for one 30-minute Short Wave broadcast, and $300 (£240) will pay for one 30-minute Medium Wave broadcast. $550 (£450) will pay for 30 minutes of radio production.

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