Networking in Paraguay

The OM team in Paraguay is in need of a van to take their ambassadors programme to the next level.

“Prayer moves the hand of God,” the leader of OM in Paraguay stated enthusiastically. “If we can encourage His people to pray, who knows what will happen.” OM has been established in Paraguay since 2000 and then launched its embajadores (ambassadors) programme. Now, the team needs a van to take it to the next level. 

Ambassadors are local believers in national churches who are keen to promote prayer by leading prayer events and sharing resources with others in the locality. The ambassadors’ aim is to link the 17 major cities throughout the country by generating opportunities to organise activities such as seminars, talks and events with testimonies of returning workers; all with the goal of opening a window into God’s heart for His world.

Since the beginning of the year, local ambassador candidates have been starting to establish themselves in the cities of Encarnación (in the south of the country), Ciudad del Este (east) and Guayaibi (north), connecting up with OM teams. It’s an ambitious plan that has the backing of its partners: CONAMI, a strong collaborative network of mission organisations working in Paraguay.

Due to the pandemic, travel restrictions have had to be curtailed. However, the OM team will need to travel from the capital to these cities to support the ambassadors locally: not just with their presence, but also to bring much-needed sound equipment, banners and other necessary portable facilities. “Can you imagine how complicated this is to pile into a car every time?” said the OM leader. “It would be so much easier if we had a van to transport everything––just a tough, robust bigger vehicle to pack up and take to the cities––and carry the team in it, too.”

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