Adding light on the Net


What is LightNet?


MediaWorks is building a digital tool called LightNet. It is a web-based product that enables ministries to run their own media distribution platforms and publish curated content in the language and context of specific people groups.


What does LightNet do?


This digital tool helps ministries and churches to create tailor-made apps and websites (webapps*) as well as provide ministry teams with a place to catalogue their unique media library and manage permissions, access rights and licensing.

Over time, we will add functionality so that ministries can share media with each other, allowing access to a rich media library network. In future versions of the product, MediaWorks will add features such as chat, discussion forums, wikis, quizzes, and feedback to enable users to interact more deeply with the content and other users or ministry workers.


How will it help ministries?


With the new digital tool, we want to simplify creating webapps, lower maintenance costs and bundle hard-to-find (and expensive) software craftsmanship between ministries. Webapps created with LightNet can operate offline, work on mobile phones, function as a mobile app, are fast, support multiple languages, and support flexible media and content types.

*Known as a Progressive Web Application, which is a website with extra functionality such as offline capabilities and an icon on your mobile home screen. 


MediaWorks LightNet team

The vision and capabilities of LightNet

The creation of a web-based product that connects ministries with helpful resources that aim to share the light of the gospel.

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Digital libraries built with LightNet

MediaWorks digital library

MediaWorks launched their digital library, a platform that provides digital resources to least-reached people groups.

НАДІЮ - Hope

To support relief efforts among Ukrainians during the war in their country, MediaWorks is providing media resources. A website with Christian resources in Ukrainian seeks to share messages of hope.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a digital media library bringing a biblical perspective to current affairs. LightNet helped the author to curate and share his articles. 

“The eBooks library is the beginning of a really exciting kingdom tool!" said Jamie, a systems architect.

MediaWorks' new eBooks website is the first expression of LightNet. 

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Opportunities to work on LightNet

Software developer

God has blessed MediaWorks with a small, gifted team of software professionals to create LightNet. The technology involved to make this a resilient platform is complex. We need more developers to realise this vision.

Are you a software developer wanting to use your skills for Christ? Or do you know a software developer?


Working together towards a shared goal

During a three-month internship, Aaron worked alongside software developers creating LightNet.

MediaWorks is looking for additional software developer interns and professionals who could volunteer part- or full-time. Could this be you, or do you know someone who could help?

Product Owner

Are you passionate about digital media and the ways it can help people find God and strengthen groups of Jesus followers? Are you a visionary team player who is not afraid to make decisions? Do you want to be part of a greater purpose, spreading the timeless message of hope in today's digital era?

Could you be the product owner that clicks with the product and our team?


LightNet technical overview


For details on product setup, usage, features, and roadmap:

Please pray for more software developers to help realise the LightNet vision. 

Please pray for funds to support on going running costs and on-boarding partners and ministries.


If you wish to support the further development of LightNet by giving financially, please specify 'MediaWorks – LightNet' in the gift reference via your country's OM website.




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